1 person per 17 thousand: The albino African-American model who amazed the fashion industry with her beauty

Have you ever seen an African American with milky white skin, blond hair and green-brown eyes? Not? Then meet Diandra Forrest, in whose appearance there is almost no sign of her African roots, except for typical face shapes.

Diandra was born on October 22, 1989 in The Bronx, New York, USA. She has a brother who, like her, suffers from albinism. Since childhood, the girl suffered from bullying peers. The bullying was so massive that Diandra’s parents even had to take her out of public school, after which she studied with tutors.

But all’s well that ends well, and once Diandra was noticed in the store by photographer Shamir Khan (Shameer Khan)
Shamir invited Diandra to participate in a photo shoot, and she did not agree.After getting Diandra’s pictures on the network, users were amazed by her unusual appearance

After this incident, Diandra was bombarded with offers from a variety of photographers, brands and modeling agencies. Albinism is extremely rare among the dark-skinned population of the planet. While white people with albinism tend to have white hair, pink skin, and blue eyes, Africans with albinism tend to have bright yellow hair and cream-colored skin.

As well as green and brown eyes Be that as it may, albinism occurs among all races of the planet. Its frequency in the world is 1 person per 17 thousand. Since melanin cannot protect the skin of albinos, these people have to avoid sunlight.And endure the ridicule of other people.

Very often, albinos also suffer from vision problems. Depending on the type of albinism, albinos may even remain completely blind while growing up. Fortunately, Diandra was lucky in life Now she is a famous model with a unique appearance. And apparently, everything is in order with her eyes.

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