10-year-old boy lovingly cares for his great-grandparents who have no parents other than him

A loving 8-year-old boy became his great-grandparents’ carer after they cared for him all his life. The responsible little boy helps them with household chores and makes their life as easy as possible.

We often hear stories of grandparents stepping in to become primary caretakers, but grandchildren stepping in as their grandparents’ caretakers is a different story. In Australia, a young pre-teen voluntarily committed to caring for his elderly great-grandparents after raising him from a young age.

At 72 and 63, Julie and John thought they were long done raising children. However, in 2012, their great-grandson Liam, then only a few months old, was entrusted to them.

There was nothing the couple wouldn’t do for their darling boy, who lit up their worlds. Speaking of her adorable grandson, Julie exclaimed: “He was a beautiful little baby, and I was so happy to have him. »

However, over time, Julie and John realized they would have to rely on Liam like he relied on them as a child. While they are still able to do things on their own, Liam, now 10, has been helping them since he was 8.

Liam grew up happy helping his “dad” and “granny” with daily activities. He helps his granny whenever she can’t reach something at home, watering plants, running errands, checking mail, taking care of their pets, making cups of tea and many more things again.

Julie proudly shares that more often than not, Liam already knows what to do and doesn’t need to be told. “He’s a very smart and capable little boy,” the woman shared.

Liam never gives his great-grandparents anything to stress about. In fact, even when it comes to school, he organizes everything he needs and prepares himself without asking for help.

In addition to the usual household chores, Liam also enjoys cooking for the family. Some of her favorite things to cook include pasta, pancakes and grilled sandwiches. Julie happily revealed how her darling boy makes her toast for breakfast every morning.

Liam is also doing well in school and is the recipient of a scholarship from a prestigious school in Toowoomba. The scholarship is a big help for Julie and John, who both live off their pensions.

Admittedly, the elderly couple finds it difficult to raise a child at their stage of life because they cannot afford the luxuries they wish they could afford.

Despite the simple life they lead, Liam has remained loving, gentle and kind to everyone he meets, which Julie and John are proud of. They find comfort in knowing that their great-grandson is with them, after losing their three children as adults.

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