10- year-old brave boy risked his life and saved his drowning mother’s life

Ten-year-old Gavin Keaney from the US state of Oklahoma pulled his drowning mother out of the pool and saved her from death. Laura Keaney, the boy’s mother, said she had an epileptic seizure while swimming in the backyard pool. Gavin at that moment had already left the water and was sitting on the porch of the house.

The boy heard Laura begin to flood in the water and quickly realized that she was drowning. Gavin dived into the pool, pulled his mother out and carried her to the stairs at the side, where he held her head above the water for more than a minute until he was helped by Laura, incredibly grateful to her son for saving her. “Gavin is definitely my hero. And I am also sure that he is my guardian angel, ”the woman emotionally admitted to reporters.

Later, local police officers solemnly presented the boy with a certificate for saving his mother. Earlier it was reported that in the United States, ten-year-old twin brothers with their 11-year-old friend saved their father from drowning in the pool from death.

As one of the sons later admitted, he did not know how to properly provide first aid in such cases, but he remembered that he had seen how a drowning person was saved in the film.

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