13-Year-Old Boy Sold His Treasured Xbox And Got A Job To Buy His Mom A Car

An American teenager has become the hero of the news because he did an act admired by the inhabitants of the planet.

William, 13, has long worked as a janitor, mowing lawns in his native Nevada, all in an effort to help his mother buy a car.

His mother raises him and his two other children alone. But it was not possible to save for a car. And then the teenager decided to sacrifice his Xbox.

The Xbox was the most precious of all the child’s possessions. And he decided without hesitation to give it away.

As a result, the 13-year-old gave his mother a Toyota Metro, which became the most expensive gift in the woman’s life.

It all started with the fact that the child saw a video on the Internet that talked about people who had given cars to their mother.

What he saw so impressed the teenager that he had a real dream: to make his mother happy. Because it is quite difficult for a single mother of many children to live without a car.

The mother could not buy a car on her own. The money she earns is barely enough to feed and clothe three children.

William decided to start by monitoring used car sales ads. But the amounts were exorbitant and the child could not recover them quickly.

But the goal was set. And the teenager began to walk slowly towards her.

He agreed with the neighbors that he would help them for a small fee – sweeping the gardens, mowing the lawn, watering the flowers, walking the dogs, going to the grocery store.

He offered the accumulated money to the owner of an old 1999 Toyota Metro, but the amount was insufficient.

And then the boy undoubtedly offered his Xbox as well. The owner of the car did not hesitate for long. Especially when she found out who and how the boy was saving money for, and agreed to the deal.

The next morning the car was already at home. And the mother wept quietly with happiness.

A teenager’s act from Nevada has become the most touching act of this spring and may qualify to enter the annual “People Who Surprised the World” competition.

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