13 years ago, these Siamese twins were separated. You will be surprised what they are now

Baby Isabelle and Abby Carlsen were born in 2006 in Minnesota. They were Siamese twins fused in the chest and abdomen. At the time of birth, the girls’ parents already knew that they would not have ordinary twins.

The children’s condition was quite rare, so doctors began looking for a safe way to separate them. The babies quickly attracted the attention of not only local residents, but also the media. Mum Amy and dad Jesse were interviewed several times, but it wasn’t easy for them.

The particular difficulty in separating the twins was that Isabella’s heart was in Abby’s chest, some of the girls’ organs were common, others were intertwined. Therefore, the decision to have the operation was very difficult for the parents.

It took the Carlsens more than six months to consult with doctors and select the appropriate surgical tactics. The operation was performed at the Mayo Clinic. It lasted 12 hours, 17 surgeons took part. Despite the high risks for both girls, the separation was successful, but they were discharged only after six months.More

Later, one of the surgeons admitted that the most difficult thing was to split one liver into two. The fact that the operation was successful and both girls survived is a real miracle.

When the twins were 10 years old, they agreed to a TV interview and talked a bit about their lives. At that time, they lived in North Dakota, studied in the 4th grade and did gymnastics.

The girls grew up very different in tastes and hobbies, but, nevertheless, remained the closest people to each other.

Abby, for example, does not understand at all how they can be confused, even though they are twins.
Now Abby and Isabelle live in a loving family, feel great and do well at school. Looking at their baby photos, the girls can hardly believe that the conjoined Siamese twins are them.

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