“16-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has started her first serious relationship, but then something unexpected happened.”

In recent years, fans of Brangelina have been closely following news about the personal lives of the divorced couple, not ignoring their grown-up children, who provide plenty of reasons for discussion.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are parents to six children. Three of them, 21-year-old Maddox, 18-year-old Zahara, and 19-year-old Pax, are adopted. Despite regularly being seen with their superstar mother and supporting her charitable endeavors, the public is more interested in the fate of the biological children of the ex-spouses for several reasons. Firstly, 16-year-old Shiloh, as well as the 14-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox, bear a striking resemblance to their parents, leaving Brangelina fans in awe of how they’ve inherited the best traits of Hollywood’s two biggest stars.

Furthermore, there is often news in the media about how Jolie and Pitt’s offspring are struggling with their parents’ divorce and missing their father immensely. It’s said that they’ve had to communicate with Brad by phone and meet with him secretly, away from their mother’s knowledge. Shiloh even gave up a modeling career solely because the actor was strongly against it.

Interestingly, it can be boldly said that Pitt’s eldest biological daughter is more frequently featured in celebrity news than the others. This is due to her rebellious nature. Numerous insiders share stories of her quarrels with her mother, “hiding” from her strict parent during long dance rehearsals, and dreaming of leaving home right after turning 18. Clearly, Angelina doesn’t want to read or hear such things. The star is actively working on fulfilling her dream of becoming the most successful Hollywood director of the present day, and rumors of scandals with her daughter do not help her reputation.

Perhaps that’s why she eventually allowed Shiloh to get her driver’s license, go out without bodyguards, and come home later than 8 PM.

Moreover, Angelina even allowed her daughter to bring her boyfriend home. The actress met her daughter’s partner, approved of her choice, and permitted her to enter into her first serious relationship. However, it’s not surprising to see such progressiveness from the cautious and super-private Angie. It’s no secret that the future star invited her boyfriend to live with her parents when she herself was just a little over fourteen.

“Many think that Shiloh is still a shy girl who shies away from any attention. But that’s not the case. She’s no longer a child. She’s studying, working, going on dates, and making future plans with her loved one,” quotes an acquaintance of 16-year-old Shiloh in Life&Style.

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Unfortunately, the name and age of the girl’s chosen one are still unknown. But we have no doubt that after such revelations, paparazzi will start watching Shiloh even more closely and persistently, just to catch her on a date with her admirer.

By the way, the mother and daughter were brought closer together by working on a joint project. It’s known that Angelina hired Shiloh as a producer’s assistant to give her the opportunity to start earning a living on her own. However, the talented teenager has long not needed the actress’s assistance: for over half a year, she has been teaching contemporary dance at a preschool dance school, which brings her a stable income.

The superstar’s heir has already decided that she will dedicate her life to dancing. Shiloh will open her own dance school and launch a thematic TV project as soon as she gathers enough funds. And since there’s news that Shiloh is “making plans with her boyfriend,” Jolie’s fans are sure that the girl is dating a dancer or choreographer.

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