2,900,000 views. The dancer’s shoe came off, but she danced the tango in one.

From the outside, any dance looks very easy and airy, as if the performers don’t need to exert themselves. However, in reality, it involves immense effort, and not everyone can endure such serious physical demands, especially if they aspire to become true professionals in their field. It’s frightening to think about how much dancers had to work to achieve their dreams.
Tango, considered one of the most complex dances, involves more than just movements or tempo. It requires a precise connection with the partner, as if becoming one with them, expressing one’s emotions fully.

Tango is the most passionate, sincere, and sensual dance among all existing ones. Its history began in Buenos Aires, where in the late 19th century people flocked due to the “silver fever.” Adventurers, unable to find enough silver, decided to settle in Argentina.
They worked in the port during the day and gathered in groups at bars and restaurants in the evening. According to one old legend, this is how the first version of the modern tango dance emerged. Unexpectedly, it became a universal means of communication for people from completely different countries, cultures, and social strata. However, at that time, the dance was considered very indecent.

To bring tango out of local bars onto the streets, it took quite some time. Soon, it became the second direction after the Viennese waltz, considered a domestic one and implying close positions for partners. Initially, tango had an explicit context. Over time, it evolved into a more sensual dance, leaving behind overt references to sexuality and vulgarity. They removed the so-called “sinful movements,” and only after that did tango become known worldwide. People opened dance schools, and there were many eager to enroll in lessons!

Now, let’s watch a true professional, Esmer Omerova, during a tango dance. Even when her shoe slipped off, she didn’t show any sign that something went wrong and continued dancing. It’s not surprising that the video has garnered millions of views. We recommend you watch it with us.

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