4 siblings gotmarried on the same day, there were around 1,000 guests

Four siblings brought to life the extraordinary idea of getting married on the same day and having the same reception party. No less than 1000 wedding guests attended this unique celebration, which remains the most memorable day of their lives.

Your siblings are your first friends, having gone through everything together from the start. Siblings all share the ups and downs of growing up, and sometimes it’s hard to imagine ever separating as adults.

It’s often when a sibling gets married, they start to drift apart because of a change in priorities. A sibling’s role in a wedding is to show support on the big day, the same way they are there to show support throughout their sibling’s wedding.

A wedding isn’t called your “big day” for no reason — it’s the day when you and your future spouse are in the spotlight, and everyone in attendance is focused solely on the two of you. Family members often take the back seat on this day, choosing to be in the audience to witness the start of your special union.

In Utah, however, a family put that idea aside and planned a big wedding for four siblings. They decided on a quadruple wedding, which ended up being a fun family affair attended by at least a thousand people.

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is no joke, with so many details to take care of and so many things to put in order. Although marrying four siblings on the same day may not have worked out for many families, the Fortneys believed they could pull it off simply because the siblings had always been close to each other.

Sisters Grace, 23, Meagan, 23, Jessica, 19, and brother Marcus, 21, all exchanged vows at the same church, St. George Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the same day. Each couple had their own half-hour ceremony, followed by a joint reception at a local ballroom with no less than 1,000 guests.

The idea began when Marcus returned from a Mormon mission trip to Mexico. At the time, he was planning his wedding with his longtime girlfriend.

By then, his sister Grace was already engaged and his other two sisters, Meagan and Jessica, were already planning to settle down with their loved ones.

After Marcus pitched his idea of getting married at the same time, the sisters were all on board. Although the plan was unusual, they had the full support of their parents and their spouses were also open to the idea.

Planning the wedding was a breeze as the siblings wanted nothing more than to all be happy. They let each other choose the non-negotiables and agreed on many details of their wedding. One of the wives, Grace Fortney Weaver, thanked her siblings for making it all possible.
It was thanks to their easy-going personalities that they were able to throw a wedding worth remembering – all they wanted at the end of the day was for everyone to be happy. And that included their parents who were equally thrilled with what had happened.

Their dad, Kevin Fortney, couldn’t help but say how great it was to see his kids happy. He said: “There are few things that can compare to the fullness of joy you feel when your children are happy. »

Likewise, their mom Marie wanted to make sure that all of her children had a memorable time planning their wedding. She wanted them to experience the excitement of planning a wedding by taking each of her daughters individually shopping and planning dinner parties with all of their in-laws so everyone could get to know each other.

Since the wedding, the four couples have had their own children. The bond between the Fortney siblings sets a good example to their children of the quality of having a good relationship with their siblings.

Every day their children grow up seeing their closeness and will one day hear the stories of how their parents celebrated the most special day of their lives as a strong family unit.

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