40-year-old British woman won the lottery, but refused to give half to the groom. How was the fate of the couple

Laura Hoyley, 40, and Kirk Stevens, 39, live in the UK. They met in 2018 through a mutual friend. Soon the woman moved into the man’s house. She was willing to pay the rent, but Kirk didn’t expect any money from her. Instead, they decided to agree: Laura will buy £25 lottery tickets every week.

For three years, the couple tried their luck and, finally, in 2021 they were lucky. They hit the £3.6 million jackpot. The payments were divided over 30 years and the couple were given £10,000 a month. Due to the fact that the lottery ticket was bought on Laura’s card, she was considered the owner of the winnings, even though the names of both spouses were written on the check.

When Laura received a message about the win, she ignored it for another two weeks. The woman thought that she would receive no more than five pounds, because for three years not a single ticket had brought a significant amount to the couple. And when everything was cleared up, the couple were happy.

After receiving the winnings, the couple announced that they planned to open a ghost hunting business – it was Hoyle’s idea. The couple boughtnight vision cameras and filmed ghost hunting videos on Youtube. While Kirk went to work, Laura edited the videos.

When Kirk was about to propose again, bought a new ring, something went wrong again in their relationship. The man noticed how Laura had changed because of the money. At one point, she bought herself a new house and left her husband. This happened a year and a half after winning the lottery. As a result, Kirk was left with nothing, because by law the money belongs to Laura. The woman declined to comment on the matter.

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