7-year-old Barbie: mom turned her daughter into a living doll

Five-year-old resident of the UK Chiara fantastically resembles a Barbie doll. In her years, she has repeatedly won beauty contests. The girl’s mother, Charlotte Darwood, fully supports her daughter’s hobby, but says that it is not cheap.

“So in 6 months we spent about 5,000 pounds,” she says.Is a child’s hobby worth that kind of money?
“I am making my child’s dream come true!” When pictures of five-year-old Chiara appeared on the social network, many followers left negative comments:

“I don’t understand why spoil the skin of a child by applying such a layer of makeup!”, “The girl looks like a doll. But is it beautiful? ”,“ God, she’s just a baby. What are these artificial nails and eyelashes for?

To dispel all the rumors, Chiara’s mother decided to tell the whole story.“You know, participating in beauty contests is completely my daughter’s idea. Since childhood, I noticed Chiara’s artistic abilities, she loved the attention of the public, she did not get lost on stage at all.

One of the evenings we, as usual, watched the popular show “Kids and Tiaras”. My Chiara said that she also wants to participate in a similar project. At first I did not take this idea seriously, but after I found out that similar competitions are held in England.

It should be noted that such a hobby costs quite a lot of money. So in six months we spent more than 5,000 pounds. For our family, this is a big deal. My husband Anthony is a welder, so at first he was against this idea. But my daughter and I managed to persuade him.

What is the money spent on? On the night before the competition, I always smear Chiara’s body with self-tanner, in the morning I do makeup, glue eyelashes and nails. Of course, a lot of time and money are spent on the original hairstyle. But the biggest expense item is outfits and shoes for performances!

Experts say that the girl is really talented. She has accomplished a lot in six months. She has 10 top titles, 15 crowns and a lot of other prizes in her arsenal.Chiara studies at a regular school, but after school she also dances and attends a modeling club.

“You know, my daughter is very smart. Our family is proud of her. I understand that being on stage is her calling, because from childhood she loved to spin for hours near the mirror! – such comments are left by Chiara’s mother on her Instagram page.

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