80-year-old woman came to a beauty salon and makeup artists turned her into a young beauty

The granddaughter decided to give her grandmother a present for her 80th birthday and take her to a beauty salon.Makeup artist Julia is known for her work and transformations. People come to her from all over England.

Therefore, the granddaughter wanted her grandmother to look young and beautiful again on her birthday.The fact is that Grandma Sandra never liked to wear makeup.She stuck to a style, she didn’t have a bright lipstick tone, and that was it.

And over the years, the woman completely stopped caring for herself.She always believed that makeup at this age was unacceptable.And Julia decided to prove the woman wrong. At any age, you can look neat and beautiful, and makeup can help you look younger.

Using a few tricks, the makeup artist managed to create an elegant and sophisticated look. She applied a thick tone, some shadows, false eyelashes. The makeup artist outlined the eyebrows and chose a nude shade of lipstick Sandra herself was satisfied, the woman did not expect such a result.Plus, she looked 10 years younger, and how do you find Sandra’s transformation?

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