86-year-old woman got married and became an Internet star:All ages are submissive to love:

The phrase that love has no age is proved by 86-year-old Millie Taylor-Morrison. Despite her age, the woman decided to play the role of a bride again, having married a second time. Her lover Harold Morrison is 1 year younger than her.

There were not many guests at the wedding, only the closest ones. All those present were delighted with the bride’s outfit, which she invented herself.

Pictures from the celebration were published by granddaughter Milly on social networks. She wrote that her grandmother came up with her wedding image herself, starting with the outfit and ending with makeup and hair.

“It doesn’t matter where she goes – to church, to visit family, or shopping. She never leaves the house without her hair, makeup and heels, ”says her granddaughter about her.

In her youth, Millie worked in the fashion industry, so she has an excellent sense of taste.

In her first marriage, the woman lived for 40 years, but unfortunately, her husband passed away. She decided to marry a second time only after 24 years.

Millie has known Harold all her life. They were good friends and always supported each other in difficult times.
They first met back in the 1950s while attending a church. Harold was even among the guests at Millie’s wedding in 1952. After 40 years, her first husband died, and they again noticed each other in the church.

When Harold fell ill, she herself accompanied him to the Sunday service every week. So they communicated for eight years, and when Harold became worse again, Millie herself invited him to live together – so as not to go to a nursing home. Then Harold got better, and then Millie decided that they should get married.

Millie and Harold’s wedding took place in Verona, New Jersey.

Well, we wish the lovers long and happy years of life!

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