92-year-old grandmother shines as a bridesmaid at her granddaughter’s wedding

“I’m glad I lived long enough to do it” While most brides ask children to be their flower girls, one Minnesota woman wanted her 92-year-old mammy to play the role, unaware how much her grandma’s grand entrance would steal the show at her wedding.

Abby Mershon and her sister grew up watching their mammy, Georgina Arlt, teach them life skills like cooking. Although the girls lived an hour from their grandmother’s house in Chaska, Minnesota, they spent most of their weekends with her.

Every time Mershon thought about her marriage, even before she met her husband, she knew she wanted her grandparents to play a unique role. However, she was unable to fulfill all of her wishes due to the plans of fate.

Mershon wanted his grandfather to be the ring bearer at his wedding, but his dream could never come true as he died about a year before his big day.

After losing his grandfather, Mershon didn’t want the same to happen with Arlt. Mankato’s bride-to-be discussed her wish with her future husband, Dustin, and devised a grand plan.

Along with Dustin and his family members, Mershon sat down with her grandmother and asked her if she would be the bridesmaid at her wedding.

Arlt never expected her granddaughter to cast her in such a special role. She was thrilled to be part of Mershon’s wedding as a flower girl.

Mershon said “I have never attended a wedding other than my own,” Arlt repeated. She felt so happy and honored to attend Mershon’s wedding as a guest of honor.

Attending a wedding for the first time in 72 years was an exciting experience for Arlt. All eyes were on her on July 1, 2017, when she walked down the aisle in a gorgeous silver ensemble while holding her walker and sprinkling flowers left and right.

Meanwhile, Mershon was hiding from the guests when she heard the crowd erupt in applause. She immediately realized that they were encouraging Arlt.

After the wedding, Arlt shared that she loved being the bridesmaid, but the experience was a bit tiring. Joking with her granddaughter, she said she wanted to throw candy instead of flowers. She confessed:

“I’m glad I lived long enough to do it. »

In addition to throwing flowers, Arlt danced with guests and shared that she rushed to her bed as soon as she got home because she was too tired. The grandmother also wished she could entertain guests while walking down the aisle.

“I shook it! » “I’m so happy for Abby and Dustin, and they included me in their special day. »

Ever since Arlt’s entrance as a flower girl caught the public eye, many thought Mershon would feel offended after her grandmother stole the show. “It doesn’t bother me at all,” the bride said. She added:

“I am so happy that my grandmother is able to make millions of people smile. »

While recalling the memories she had with her grandmother, Mershon said Arlt was “always the perfect grandmother”. The then 27-year-old bride believed she could not have imagined her wedding any other way.

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