94-year-old woman’s dream came True: This is what it was

A woman named Martha fulfilled her dream and married the man she loved in 1952. At that time, nothing could interfere with their love, but there were prejudices that their love was not worth celebrating. All because they are black.

It was then forbidden for blacks to associate with whites. It was believed that they were not entitled to it, since they were not equal. Martha and her husband got married anyway, but without a wedding dress. In the 1950s, black people were prohibited from entering bridal salons. And Martha’s dream of walking with her beloved in a beautiful white dress remained a dream for many decades.

After 70 years, Martha sat down with her granddaughter and watched a romantic movie. During the wedding scene, she told her granddaughter that she had always dreamed of wearing such a beautiful snow-white dress. Because when she got married, she didn’t have such an opportunity. The granddaughter decided to surprise her beloved grandmother.

She booked her mammy for a visit to the bridal salon. When Martha entered the living room, there was a dress with her name on it. She was very touched and delighted. As she tried on this dress, all of her inner beauty was reflected in her appearance.

Her granddaughter says her grandmother has a hundred times more energy than her. “I looked at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t recognize myself! I was delighted! ”- says Martha.

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