A 48-year-old woman underwent 16 IVFs to give birth: What does the long-awaited son look like

A woman who wants to become a mother is able to overcome any difficulties. The story of the Englishwoman Louise Warnford is a vivid confirmation of this. For many years, this woman dreamed of a child, but each of her attempts to become a mother ended in loss, except for one. We will tell you how a woman who has done 16 IVFs lives, how she raises her son and what she wrote a book about.


Louise and her husband Mark spared no expense to make their dreams come true. The woman went through 16 IVF procedures, spending an impressive amount on each of them. But time after time, another failure awaited her – the pregnancy was interrupted.

In total, the woman experienced 18 miscarriages, none of her pregnancies lasted more than 14 weeks. It would seem that in such a situation there is only one way out – to surrender. Louise almost accepted defeat, but then she came across a book by Hassan Shehata, a British fertility specialist. She turned to him for help.


The doctor evaluated all the indicators of the studies passed by the woman, and came to the conclusion that Louise has an increased level of NK cells that protect the body. Simply put, during each pregnancy, the woman completely lacked immunological tolerance in relation to the fetus, which is why every time there was a spontaneous abortion.

The obstetrician-gynecologist offered Louise Warnford a course of treatment, to which she agreed without hesitation.At the end of the course of therapy, Dr. Shehata suggested that Louise undergo a donor embryo transfer procedure. He assumed that this path could lead to success, and he was not mistaken.

To carry out the procedure for transplanting a donor embryo, the woman had to go to one of the clinics in the Czech Republic, since in the UK they refused to observe her because of her advanced age – at that time the woman was already 47 years old. The transplanted embryo successfully engrafted.

In June 2016, at the 37th week of pregnancy, as a result of a caesarean section, the long-awaited son, William, was born. At that time, his mother was 48 years old.

Now Louise, Mark and their long-awaited son live happily in a country house. Parents try to give their child a lot of impressions and joyful moments, they spend a lot of time with their son.

William is 5 years old. He studies at a private school, and his parents rejoice at his first achievement. The long journey to discovering the happiness of parenthood, filled with difficulties, has led to the fact that now Louise and Mark are completely immersed in the life of a child.


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