A 60-year-old woman got engaged to a 21-year-old guy and claims that she has never been so happy in her life

I am not a prude and I can quite agree that the age difference between people who love each other does not matter. But the difference is not 39 years, and not in favor of the woman.

However, such a pair exists. Her name is Pom Sastinen, she is 60. The woman’s lover is 21 years old, his name is Jonathan Langvin. They have been in love with each other for more than two years and are going to get married.

As usual in the modern world – on a dating site. Jonathan wrote to the woman who was almost his grandmother first. She did not hide her age, immediately declaring that she was almost 60 years old and she had two adult daughters who were a good ten years older than Jonathan. All this did not bother him, and he admitted that he was always drawn to older women.

And so it turned. The couple began dating, faced with severe disapproval from loved ones. Pom’s daughters were against the young beloved mother, and the guy’s friends laughed at him because he did not look for a girlfriend among his peers, but reached out to an elderly woman.

To get rid of self-doubt and cope with the problems that have come up, Pom even went to a psychologist who convinced her that all ages are submissive to love.

Beloved ones calmed down, over time they were accepted by the environment. Now the woman and the young guy are going to get married. Pom is sure that her significant other loves her no matter what, and they will assure that she has never been so happy in her life.

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