A classmate gave her shoes to a friend and then the unexpected happened and everyone was stunned

He was out of them and wanted someone else to benefit. Generous acts come in all sizes, colors, and forms, and anyone can perform them regardless of their position, origin, or age. Mary Moraes is a teacher in the city of Cruzeiro do Sul, in western Brazil. She teaches first-grade children and could never have imagined witnessing an unusual yet beautiful act. Those who have worked and lived with children know that these little human beings are full of generosity, compassion, and empathy.

Isabela, a second-grade student, approached the classroom door and asked the teacher for permission to speak to her classmates. The little girl stood up in front of all her classmates and announced that she wanted to donate a pair of shoes that no longer fit her. “I want to donate this beautiful pair of shoes, which is size 27 because I already wear size 28,” the girl declared, according to Mary.
Fortunately, there was another girl for whom these shoes were wonderful. Excitedly, she told Isabela that she wore that size and would love to wear them. The teacher was deeply moved by this act of kindness and innocence, without imagining there would be even more.

When the student said the shoes fit her, Isabela immediately knelt down to place them on her feet. Just like in Cinderella’s story; this girl decided to put her classmate’s shoes on herself. In front of the astonished gaze of the teacher and the rest of the students, Isabela performed a beautiful act of generosity and love.

To preserve a lasting memory of this beautiful moment, the teacher took some photos and shared them on her social networks. Obviously, the images and the story ended up touching all the internet users, who applauded the young girl’s noble act.
Among the many comments, people emphasized the inherent kindness in children and praised Isabela’s parents for doing an excellent job instilling values in her. They also assured that she would grow up to be an exceptional, supportive, and generous adult.

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