A daughter was born at 15, and a grandson at 33: What does a young grandmother look like and

At the time of the birth of her grandson, the woman was only 33 years old, and her daughter, who became a mother, was 17 years old. What is it – family tradition, genetics, special beliefs, or just a coincidence – we will try to figure it out.

At one time, the young grandmother Corrie Rowland also had to endure all the difficulties that a teenage mother can only face. An ambitious schoolgirl who planned to get an education, make a career and start an ordinary family, found out about her pregnancy at the age of 15. Of course, all her dreams collapsed overnight.

Immediately after the birth of the child, it seemed to Corrie that her life was over, and solid darkness awaited her ahead. Having been in the same situation, a woman like no one else understands and supports her daughter.
“At first, early motherhood seemed unbearable to me. I think Bethany feels the same now, who, nevertheless, adequately copes with a two-hour sleep.

Who else but I will understand what sacrifices she will have to make. Just like no one can understand what joy lies ahead for her,” the young grandmother shared in an interview. On the advice of a friend, she visited a family planning clinic, where she found out that she was 8 weeks pregnant.

Corrie told the news to her older brother Nigel. He shared it with his parents, who were horrified. 2 months after the birth of her daughter, Corrie broke up with her father – their relationship could not withstand all the difficulties associated with early parenthood. And then the girl decided to build a life on her own and left her parental home.

She lived on welfare from the state, practically did not communicate with anyone, and felt the disapproval of her parents. But when Bethany was still a baby, a real lifeline appeared in Corrie’s life – her school friend Lee, whom the girl married. In marriage, they had two more children – Indiana and Bernadette. Inspired by success in her personal life, Corrie went to college and got a job. But still the main thing in her life was her daughter.

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