A devoted dog like Hachiko has been waiting on the street for his owner, who was taken to the hospital

In the Italian town of Pavia, a dog named Billy repeated the story of his famous relative. He has been waiting near his master’s house for two months now. The dog hopes that his owner will soon return from the hospital and only this proves that people do not deserve such friends. Fortunately, this version of Hachiko has every chance of a happy ending.

The owner of the dog has been in the hospital for two months. The man was a civil defense volunteer. He was mainly engaged in the fact that he brought home products to people who were in quarantine.The man’s nephews said that Billy runs outside every day from the very morning and spends the whole day there. The dog cannot be brought home.The owner became aware of what his pet is doing while he is in the hospital. He said we didn’t deserve to have dogs as friends.

But not only the dog is bored, but the owner himself. Every day, relatives send him pictures and videos with Billy and constantly tell him by phone about how the dog lives. The patient likes it when his dog barks at the phone, it cheers him up and even improves his well-being.The owner found out what his dog is doing while he is in the hospital. By his act, the pet proved: we do not deserve dogs.

Now the man only wants one thing – to be at home as soon as possible. Doctors do not make far-sighted predictions, but they say that his condition has become much better. The patient does not plan anything like that for the future, but knows only one thing that he will do when he gets home – first of all, he will hug and pet Billy.

If there are those who think that the dog is pretending and does not miss his master, then Japanese scientists have proven otherwise. They found that dogs bond with humans just as much as they bond with their mothers.

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