A family with young children from Britain got an unusual pet

The Briton Seb Jones dreamed all his life of having not a parrot or a dog, but a completely unusual pet – a wild cat. His dream came true 8 months ago when he and his wife Kelly bought a baby serval. The African serval is a wild cat that is classified as dangerous to human life. However, Seb and Keli, as well as their children, adore the unusual pet and even let him sleep in the bed.

The pet was named Anubis – in honor of the ancient Egyptian deity of the afterlife. It cannot be argued that Seb and Kelly acted recklessly when they adopted a predatory animal as a pet. Thus, the private area near Seba’s house is securely fenced, which excludes the possibility of the serval escaping.

Plus, there are several sensors and surveillance cameras installed in the yard. The family has the necessary documents for the animal and has taken out special insurance. The Jones children, 4-year-old Siena and 10-year-old Brandon, are also not afraid of an unusual pet.

No one is going to walk a predator in public places, although serval owners have official permission to do so. The main condition is that the serval be on a leash if someone from the family wants to walk down the street with him.

The spotted predator Anubis is not 100% wild. He was bought as a kitten and he grew up at home. Plus, Anubis is the baby of a half-domesticated serval. So, the 5-centimeter fangs of the animal do not pose a danger to the Jones family.

Anubis is now 9 months old and still growing. Until a wild cat has reached 1 meter in length. Serval loves fresh meat: he eats about 20 kg of game per week. The Joneses buy rabbits, mice and chickens for their pet, which he enjoys eating.

At the same time, Anubis shows the character of an ordinary domestic cat: he can purr loudly when he is stroked and scratched behind his ear. The Jones family does not try to train the pet, because he is a wayward predatory cat who does not like “assaults” on his freedom.

Seb and Kelly plan to breed servals in the future. Now it is very difficult to do this: there is no other suitable serval in the country that could become a mate for Anubis.

Many people confuse the serval with the Savannah cat and the leopard. Animals do have one thing in common: they are equally dangerous to humans. However, the Joneses made sure that Anubis did not harm outsiders. The couple took out a civil liability insurance policy in advance in case of unforeseen situations.

Anubis, thanks to photos in social networks, managed to acquire thousands of fans from all over the world. Many people want to have the same pet at home, but servals are an expensive pleasure. Just imagine: for one wild kitten you will have to pay from 75 to 130 thousand euros!

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