A father leaves a message for the teachers in his daughter’s lunchbox.and can you what does he put there?

Educating children is a challenging task, and one cannot always be sure that the choices made are the best. However, if the child lacks nothing and lives in a serene and comfortable situation without external interference, we know that the only ones who can say or do something about how their child should grow up are the parents.

That’s why the father at the center of this story reacted directly and firmly to teachers’ interference in what his child ate or didn’t eat. Ross Hunt, originally from Wales, is the father of three beautiful children and made headlines by posting a video in which he recounts the situation he found himself in.

One day, according to his story, his little girl came home from school sad and upset because of the teachers. Apparently, the teachers did not like the type of meal the child had brought with her and took it upon themselves to give her a few more recommendations than usual.

They noticed sweets in her lunch bag and made sure that before eating them, she consumed the most nutritious and healthy foods. The father did not appreciate this “intrusion” and decided to insert a note inside the lunchbox.

‘Welcome to my daughter’s lunch! We are aware of the contents of this box and are happy that she eats what she wants,’ the message said.

Mr. Ross added that he would have liked to write that they should mind their own business and not interfere in others’ affairs, but his wife prevented him from being so direct and hostile.

‘If they provide chocolate cake to eat at school, that’s okay, but if they bring sweets from home, that’s not okay,’ the man said. ‘All I know is, we need to stop telling kids what they can and cannot eat; it’s up to the parents to decide.'”

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