A girl with a flat stomach did not know that she was pregnant until the very birth. And unexpectedly gave birth!

The 21-year-old resident of Britain did not even suspect that she was pregnant until one night she became ill, and Charlotte Thompson went to the hospital. The doctors’ diagnosis shocked the girl, the experts told her to prepare for childbirth, because the child was already on the way. One day, Charlotte found out about an interesting situation and immediately became the mother of a charming baby.

Once Charlotte Thompson woke up at night from the fact that she felt severe pain in her lower abdomen. She took painkillers and tried to sleep. However, the pain did not subside. In addition to spasms, severe nausea began and blood began to bleed from the vagina.

“It was not like menstruation, especially since they had only recently ended. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me,” recalls Thompson.

The girl got scared and called an ambulance. Doctors examined the patient and told the good news. It turned out that Charlotte was about to become a mother. For Thompson, their diagnosis came as a surprise, because until the last she did not know that she was carrying a child. The girl had her period every month, and even a flat stomach did not say in any way that a little man lives there.

“My eyes widened so that they were ready to pop out. I asked the doctors again with confidence that they were wrong and tried to explain that I did not have any signs of pregnancy, ”the girl shared.

Charlotte said she led an active lifestyle. On weekends I went to parties and to a bar with my friends. She wore tight clothes and did not deny herself anything. The girl admitted that in the winter she gained 2 kilograms and began to feel a little tired, but attributed this to the consequences of a wild lifestyle.

“I thought that extra weight and fatigue were the consequences of parties. Moreover, nothing bothered me anymore, I, as before, wore the same size of clothes and continued to party with friends, ”recalls the young mother.

At Charlotte’s clinic, they did an ultrasound and showed the future baby. Then the girl realized that the doctors were not joking when they claimed that in a few hours she would give birth to a child. After the examination, the doctors made sure that the fetus was full-term and ready to be born.

“I could not believe my eyes, there was a child inside me. I saw him on the screen, but I could not understand how this could be. After all, I had a flat stomach, not like pregnant women. I was not ready for the birth of a child and did not know what I would say to my parents, ”Shared Charlotte.

It turned out that Charlotte’s uterus was behind the ribs. For this reason, the fetus growing inside her was invisible. On the day of admission to the clinic, the girl gave birth to a healthy girl, whom she named – Molly. The weight of the baby was 2.8 kilograms. Fortunately, the mother’s lifestyle did not affect the health of the child.

“I fell in love with her from the first second. Of course, the appearance of Charlotte was a complete surprise for me, but I am glad that she is in my life, ”the girl summed up.

Charlotte’s friends and colleagues did not believe for a long time that she had become a mother. After all, many saw her the day before the birth. She acted as usual, and her stomach was incredibly flat.

With the advent of her daughter, Charlotte’s life changed. She settled down, began to eat right, stopped drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, the young mother raises Molly without a father, but her parents help her in everything.

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