A girl with unusual appearance was born in the family: Parents are proud of their unique baby

An unusual child was born in South Carolina. The newborn had a rare distinguishing feature – a snow-white strand of hair. You will be more surprised when you see photos of her mother, grandmother and even great-grandmother.

It turns out that the girl inherited this platinum strand from her mother’s side. Interestingly, the spot is located exactly in the center above the forehead. In the family, these women have dark hair, but snow-white bangs. True, not everyone inherited such a “birth gift”.

Millie-Anna Worthy “received” a rare gift by inheritance. She has a birthmark along her hairline above her forehead. The same “hair” is worn by her mother Brianna, grandmother Jennifer and great-grandmother Joanna. The cause of poliosis is a condition characterized by the absence of pigment in a certain area of the skin. The baby also has white spots on other parts of the body.

We don’t know how far back this inherited trait goes. Because my grandmother was adopted as a child. She did not find her biological family.

Mom hoped that the girl would have this feature. She recalls that her younger sister did not inherit this snow-white strand. Therefore, Brianna did not know if it would be passed on to her daughter. When Milli-Anna was born and put to her mother’s breast, she saw the cherished white spot. The girl was in seventh heaven with happiness.

The baby grew, but her spot did not become less noticeable. The family is proud of this feature and unique appearance. Usually, poliosis is rarely located in the center. Therefore, in the case of the Worthy family, it looks like the hair was dyed on purpose.

Brianna plans to raise her daughter so that she is not shy about her features. Mom wants the child not to listen to others, who, although rarely, can say unpleasant things. She recalls that in primary school, children can be unfair and cruel.

It is important to go through this stage and then it will become easier. You begin to perceive your non-standard appearance differently and appreciate it. Women in this family believe that the spot is a kind of link between generations.

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