A grandson set up a home beauty salon for his 87-year-old grandmother, because she could no longer go to the salon herself

A grandmother was loyal to her beauty salon for thirty years until it closed amid the pandemic. After seeing how sad it made her, her grandson decided to do something about it, so he planned a full beauty salon experience at home for her to enjoy.

The pandemic has taught us how important it is to cherish our family time and show them how much we care. It put an end to our usual routines, and for some people it was more difficult to adjust to what was the “new normal” for the whole world.

For Matthew Stewart of Florida, he wanted nothing more than to see his 87-year-old grandmother Bobbe happy despite being home for a few months due to quarantine protocols. The two were very close, and he wanted to make sure his grandmother didn’t feel uncomfortable throughout her stay at home.

Matthew spent most of his growing up years with Grandma Bobbe and his grandpa. For this reason, he admits “my grandmother is more like a mother to me than a grandmother”.

Like many others stuck at home during the pandemic, Matthew took to social media to stay concerned. He created a TikTok account and started sharing videos of him and Grandma Bobbe while they entertained at home.

After months of sharing videos of their adorable duo on TikTok, Matthew and Grandma Bobbe have amassed over a million followers. Although they shared countless moments together, there was one that caught the attention of many, and that was because of how well planned and thought out it was.

Before the pandemic, Grandma Bobbe frequented a local beauty salon and had done so for thirty years. She used to go there every week to get her hair done, but because of pandemic restrictions, she couldn’t for months.

According to Matthew, it affected her emotionally, saying, “She was kind of depressed, a little depressed because she didn’t have her usual salon day. »

So, to make his grandmother happy again, Matthew decided to bring the living room to her and did his best. He washed his hair, blow-dried it and styled it with a curling iron, and Grandma Bobbe couldn’t be happier. He even offered her a drink for the ultimate VIP experience!

Although Matthew had never had experience in a beauty salon or even in hairdressing a woman, he did everything to make his grandmother happy. At the end of it all, his grandmother said, “I love it,” and that was all the recognition he could need.

Seeing how happy “Salon Day” made Grandma Bobbe, Matthew continued to do it once a week, and they eventually coined a term for it: “Fresh Fluff Wednesday.”

When asked how Matthew made her feel, Bobbe replied, “He made me beautiful! Since then, Matthew has used the term to represent his grandmother, but gives it a unique twist by saying “Beattimus” instead.

Sadly, Grandma Bobbe left in 2021, and that was the hardest thing Matthew had to go through. However, he was comforted by the fact that he was able to give his grandmother the best two years of his life, having lived with him and had so many special memories together.

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