A magazine staged for children, where they appeared as grandmothers.See their amazing videos

Children’s talents are boundless and incredibly motivating. They can come up with all sorts of interesting ideas and thus surprise or amuse everyone. During one of the kindergarten group’s performances, three girls from the team decided to bring joy to everyone.

With the help of their talented choreographer, these little girls dressed up as “grandmothers” and provided incredibly positive emotions to everyone. They practiced playing the roles of adult women and performed their incredible act, earning applause from their parents at the end. They were quite clever and hardworking children.

The idea was for their choreographer for the show to appear as grandmothers and act out their roles. This worked so well for them. They took the stage, lined up in order, and started their act. Then, three little girls entered in the middle of the event, surprising everyone with their stage outfits and performance. They played the role of grandmothers and danced on stage. Their performance was very sweet and beautiful


Without holding back, the children showcased their abilities, which was very impressive. They were very confident and lively. Their performance was also very inspiring and humorous. The video is also shown, and if you wish, you can watch it and enjoy it for yourself. You might only see this kind of performance in adult shows, but for the children, it was just a wonderful and surprising performance, thanks to which their choreographer was praised for their marvelous work.

There were also members of the jury who greatly appreciated the children’s work and kindly wished them even more success and development in their future endeavors. The parents watched their children with kind and amused eyes. It was important to them that the children felt good and appreciated, which boosted their self-esteem and their desire to move forward and try everything in life. Video.

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