A man left his wife at the worst moment of her life: Now the woman is a real beauty and lives her happy life

Nicola Fannell from Horam, how she met the perfect man and then saw his true face. Nicola and her husband Ian met online in 2011. The man just for no reason added to her as a friend.

I was scrolling through the feed and watching TV when a notification appeared on the screen. It was a friend request from Ian Roberts.

The woman asked him if they knew each other. And got a pretty bold response:
No, but I would like to meet you.

Nicola looked at the man’s profile and decided that everything was fine with 46-year-old Ian, so she accepted his request and continued to correspond. Soon the interlocutor invited her to meet.

We went for a drink and I was delighted to realize that Ian looks even better live. As we chatted, it felt like I had known him for years.

A friendly and calm man asked Nicola about everything, while he himself was as honest as possible with her.

He admitted that he cheated on his ex-wife, but added that he was terribly unhappy, and their marriage was nearing an end. He said he regretted it and would never do it again.

After the second date, Nicola and Ian finally admitted that they were attracted to each other, and soon became completely inseparable.

He treated me like a princess, pampering me with delicious food and thoughtful gifts.

A few weeks after the couple started dating, Ian confessed his love to Nicola. It was pretty fast, but it felt like something was right.In July 2013, the two got married.

It was the happiest day of my life, especially since my mother Marion was next to me.

Ian and Nicola lived together for four years, until terrible news changed the woman’s life forever. In February 2017, Marion called her daughter and said that she did not have long to live. A 74-year-old woman was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the last stage.

Nicola sobbed for hours, and Ian hugged and comforted her. During the following months, the husband supported his wife in every possible way, although she spent almost all her time at work and in the hospital.

My mom and I were incredibly close, and I couldn’t bear the idea of living without her. For the next six months, I spent almost every day at my mother’s bedside in the hospital. And when she died in July 2017, I was just devastated.

On the day of her mother’s death, Nicola called Ian to let him know what had happened. But the man’s voice sounded strangely cold.

He seemed to be uninterested.

The woman felt that something was wrong, and the next day she realized that she was right. Ian gathered all his things and announced that he was leaving.

I asked him where he was going and he said he wasn’t happy anymore and had had enough.

A few weeks later, Ian agreed to meet his wife. The husband explained that he was leaving for a woman who was his love 20 years ago, and who left her husband to be with him.

I was shocked when he said that he found her on Facebook and saw her for six months behind my back. All the time I cared for my dying mother.

Two years later, Nicola lost nine stone (about 57 kilograms), became more confident and, according to her, is happy again.

Now I am happier and healthier than ever, I feel like a brand new woman.

Now she is saving money to finally divorce the man who did not justify her trust.

Ian betrayed me when I needed him most, and for that, I will never forgive him.

However, the journalists managed to find out the opinion of the traitor’s husband. To everyone’s surprise, the man does not regret his act at all.

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