A man saved a sick dog by spending the money accumulated over a lifetime

Sometimes a dog becomes the most faithful and only friend of a person. And then the owner is ready to do anything to save the life of the pet and make him happy. Next, we will talk about the heroic deed of the most ordinary man.

The pensioner lived a quiet and peaceful life. He had no relatives and friends, but he had a faithful four-legged friend – a dog. The man lived with his pet for ten years, and the pet shared with him all the joys and sorrows, replacing the family.

On one of the walks, something unusual and terrible happened. Always cheerful and active dog suddenly lost consciousness. The frightened owner, having recovered from the first shock, immediately took the pet to the veterinary clinic. After the examination, the veterinarian told the owner the bad news: it turned out that the dog was suffering from a serious cardiovascular disease. And if you do not provide timely assistance, the animal’s heart can stop at any moment.

Fortunately, there were chances of salvation. The doctor said that a complex operation can help, but it should be performed by an experienced specialist. It was not easy to find a qualified surgeon ready to take on such a difficult case. The man began to search and almost despaired, but found out that there was a doctor he needed. True, he lives in distant Japan, and asks for a considerable amount of money for his services – 50 thousand dollars.

Although a lot of money was required, the pensioner decided to try to save a faithful friend. But for this I had to spend the savings collected over a lifetime. These funds were the man’s last savings, but he simply could not leave his dog without help.

The expensive operation was a success. After it, the dog recovered very quickly and soon began to lead a normal active dog life: frolicking in the fresh air, running around the park after pigeons and barking at passers-by.

No one knows how long the dog saved by the owner will live. But the man really hopes that the pet will please him for a long time with his devotion and selfless love. The owner of a sick dog has no regrets about losing all his money. After all, the main thing is the health and life of his faithful four-legged friend.

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