A nameless abandoned baby girl was adopted by a loving couple after an unexpected call from the foster system

A baby girl has been left heartbreakingly abandoned in an unnamed hospital. Shortly after, she was adopted by a loving couple who received an unexpected call about the young baby while in a supermarket.

Without a clue of what was going on around her, a baby girl was abandoned in the hospital shortly after her birth. She had no name, no relatives who claimed her and no place to go home after she was released from the hospital.

For Grace Kriegel Wilson, it was an ordinary day at a local supermarket where she was shopping with her husband and 12-year-old adopted daughter. She had fostered several children over the years and had seven children under her wing.

While in the children’s section of the store, she received a call from someone she spoke to frequently about the foster care system. Upon answering the call, Grace was immediately informed:
“A little girl was abandoned in the hospital. She doesn’t even have a name. It probably won’t be forever, but we need to place her in foster care. Can you pick her up in an hour?”

Grace looked at her husband in shock, and they knew their answer would be “yes.” They grabbed a few newborn clothes and a pack of diapers, rushed home to get their car seat, and within an hour they had their beautiful baby girl in their arms.

At the time, the little girl’s legal name was “Safe Surrender”, named after her county. They took the little girl home and had eight children in their care. They tried to change the baby girl’s name, but were not allowed to do so.

When Safe Surrender turned four months old, Grace and the rest of the family were on vacation when they received a call from a foster family. It turned out that the little girl had not been examined at birth and needed to be examined.

So, without hesitation, Grace cut their vacation short and went to Grace’s scouting appointment. The hospital beeped “Safe Surrender” over the speaker, and Grace could instantly feel the stares of everyone who wanted to know who would name their child that.

That day, the girl underwent tests on her heart, kidneys, spine, etc. They all revealed a few birth defects that required several surgeries and lived with a colostomy bag for a few months.

Grace informed the foster care workers of the baby’s situation, and they realized it might have been too much for Grace, who already had several children in her care. “We can move her to a level 2 house if we need to,” the woman suggested.

Grace and her husband refused and took care of their sweet baby girl without complaint. They accompanied her to all the surgeries, comforted and eased her pain, and paid for her supplies with their own money.

Through it all, Grace and the rest of her family cared for the girl and fell more and more in love with her. She was starting to grow into a happy little girl and started to trust her family.

As the girl approached her first birthday, foster family staff revealed that they had placed an advertisement in the newspaper to locate the girl’s father, but received no response. “It looks like this case will go to adoption. Are you ready to adopt Safe? he was asked.

Throughout her foster journey, Grace has always had one thing in mind: hope. Although the journey can get heavy, she leans on hope when she needs strength, which eases her burden. She hopes to see the biological parents of her adopted children in better circumstances, but she realized that this would not be the case for Safe.

It was a no-brainer for Grace — she wanted to adopt Safe, so she did. Grace proudly took a stand and vowed to adopt her baby girl. There were 75 people in the room to witness the beautiful adoption, including family and friends who have supported them from the start.

As Grace gazed at her husband and their adorable baby girl, who was 14 months old at the time, she was asked, “Grace, what did your family decide to name her? »

With a huge smile on the little girl’s face, Grace proudly turned to the judge and said, “Her name is Arya. Arya Hope

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