A pensioner found a handsome young man on Facebook, and he robbed her. But it helped grandma find true love

Susan Perry from Blackfield, England, suffered so much from the fact that her relationship with her husband Gordon had become boring and faded that she decided to seek salvation on Facebook. At 73, the woman did not know about the common methods of Internet fraud, so she could not even think that an “oil rig worker” named Gideon, whom she met on the Web, could be potentially dangerous for her, writes The Sun.

“I wanted spontaneity and excitement, but Gordon had enough that he looked after one of our dogs. He wasn’t interested in going out at all. I felt abandoned and was looking for attention, ”admits Susan.

It is not surprising that a chat message from a young man with a beautiful photo on the avatar intrigued the woman. A thirty-year-old guy got into the confidence of a granny and promised to start a beautiful glamorous life with her in the USA. Susan could not resist the temptation and believed her young friend. Even when the man began to talk about his 14-year-old son, serious expenses and a difficult life, Susan was not on her guard.

The pensioner admits that she went crazy from the man’s soft French accent and the affectionate messages that he sent her every day. Susan spent hours texting and calling Gideon while her husband was in the other room.

It seemed to me that he was sincerely interested in me, all the time asking about my hobbies. And he talked about himself, about his son. I never hid that I was married, but I felt sorry for him. However, I did not tell Gordon that I had a new friend.

Over time, the young lover began to ask Susan for financial assistance: the fraudster began with small amounts, which over time grew and grew. At first, he manipulated the health of his “son”, claiming that he needed money for an operation, and asked for a loan.

He promised to give me everything when he gets the money from the oil rig. I continued to give him savings and even pawned jewelry when there was no money left. I had no reason not to believe him.

At one point, Gideon told Susan that pirates had invaded his oil rig, so he needed 14,000 pounds  for a helicopter to save his employees from the attackers.

Incredibly, the pensioner believed in this scam and transferred the last money to Gideon.

I feel so stupid right now, but I believed every word he said. I gave him a total of almost 40 thousand pounds . I was so engrossed that I couldn’t think of anything. I believed about this helicopter, then I called, and found out if they were safe, I was so glad that everything ended well. Then I gave money for the operation of his son, and he seems to have recovered. It was happiness because before that I did not sleep at night, I was so worried.

The relationship ended when Gideon told her that his father had died and that he wanted to be alone. The man disappeared, and Susan had to tell her family about everything: her husband and daughter, who explained to the pensioner that she had been deceived.

I didn’t want to believe it, I was sure they were wrong.

The woman realized that she had been fooled only after the arrival of the police.

The policemen explained to me that there is no Gideon and no Paul. That their photos are fake, and that there are hundreds like me. I felt so stupid. I was deceived by some Romeo, to whom I gave everything.

But the situation turned out to be not so sad, because, although it took away Susan’s savings, it gave real female happiness. The husband gave the pensioner such touching support that she looked at him again.

I am very lucky to have such a kind, caring and the best husband in the world.

Gordon himself admits that he does not take offense at his wife, but is only angry at the swindler.

I suspected that something was wrong, and then she told me what it was, and everything fell into place. Of course, I was hurt, but I love Susan, and I really wanted to help her. I bought her jewelry. It’s my fault for not paying attention to her. Now we are determined to restore our marriage.

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