A policeman rescued a girl from her family who had never heard of the word “dad”. He returned home from work with his daughter

A police officer saved a girl at work who didn’t even know the word “dad” and couldn’t part with her. He returned home with the child. The wife was happy with the news, because her husband is a hero, and one can only dream of such a girl.

Brian Zach is a Lieutenant in the Kingman Police Department in Arizona. In 2018, he was a patrol sergeant when he received a child abuse call in March.

When Zak arrived at the scene, he found a little girl named Kayla, who appeared to be less than three years old. The officer helped her leave the house, where she was in danger, and took her to the police station, writes GMA.

Sometimes biological parents can turn the life of their own children into a nightmare. One family forced their child to be miserable in order to help his sister fight depression. And the unfortunate dad from Korea twice gave his daughter up for adoption secretly from her mother.

In the case of Kayla, things turned out to be much worse. The girl found a lot of injuries on her hands, which were left to her by the guardians. Brian comforted the child while they waited together for the detectives to take her to the hospital.

According to the man, then he spent the whole night talking with a little girl for five hours.

We drew and ate. She held my hand and was such a sweet girl,” he said, adding that they watched the Ralph cartoon together.

After Kayla was taken to the hospital to be treated for multiple injuries, Brian went home to his wife, Sierra, with whom he has two children. He told her that child protection services could not immediately find a home for the girl, and then the couple decided to take her in.

I saw a lot of cases of child abuse, it was always children whom I would like to get out of bad situations in life and just return home, says Brian.

The appearance of Kayla in the house of the policeman was touching.

She came with a drinking cup and a bag of clothes that didn’t fit her. That’s it,” Brian said.

According to the officer, from the very beginning it was mutual love.

Already on the second day she called my wife “mom”. I was just a “boyfriend” for her for a week or two. But soon, when she went to kindergarten, she found out who the father was, ”recalls Brian.

Kayla has been with the Zaks ever since, and on August 18, 2020, the family officially adopted the girl. This was a huge relief for the family, as until then Brian had been worried every week that the child would return to his former caregivers.

The man describes Kayla as a cheerful and witty girl who is happy in their house.

She is happy and thriving. When she came to us, she knew only three words. Basically she made sounds like a caveman. Kayla just didn’t know how to talk. And now she loves to talk,” Brian said.

The family of five does not plan to stop there. Brian and Sierra want to renew their foster license to help more children. At the same time, Kayla will remain with them forever.

I definitely encourage people to do this because so many kids need support. Even in a short period of time, you can have a serious impact on a child, said Sierra, Brian’s wife.

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