A poor couple adopted an orphan. He grew up and thanked them with an incredible gift

Now Jaivi Lazaro Badile II is one of the most influential businessmen in the Philippines. He runs a prestigious company, travels a lot, wears nice clothes and drives an expensive car.

But his life was not always easy. The boy’s biological parents abandoned him, and he, at three months old, was adopted by a poor Filipino couple. The family existed on the verge of poverty, but there was always plenty of love in their house. Jivey’s parents never made a distinction between him and their own children.

They lived very modestly. Nanai’s mother worked as a salesman, and Tatai’s father worked as a porter. The family owned a tiny apartment in an old house, where 28 other people huddled in addition to them.

There was often no electricity, there was no running water in the house, and rats roamed freely around the apartment. Due to unsanitary conditions, the family often had intestinal disorders. According to Jivey, the children were happy if they were able to eat twice a day.

Looking at the poverty around him, Jivey made a promise to himself to study hard and work hard so that one day he would be successful and get out of the slums.

With the support and help of Nanai and Tatai, he received a good education. While still a student, he began to earn extra money, and at a fairly young age he took a leadership position in an insurance company. As soon as Jivey was firmly on his feet, he began to think about how to get his parents out of poverty.

In 2019, he managed to realize a dream that he had been striving for for many years. A few months before Christmas, Jivey gave his adoptive parents a luxurious seven-bedroom house, which, thanks to cash payments, was built in just one year.

The family did not take anything from the old house except the TV – all the furniture and appliances were bought by Jivey.

But the gifts didn’t end there. Jaiwi’s adoptive parents never traveled outside the Philippines and their son decided to make it right. He took Nanai and Tatai on trips to the most remote corners of the world, showing them places they didn’t even know existed.

Jivey tries to spend as much time with them as possible – after all, they still have many interesting discoveries ahead of them.

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