A premature girl weighing almost 6 kg was born in an Australian family

For every family, the birth of a little one is a very exciting and long-awaited event. But this little Australian caused not only a stir among parents and doctors, but also surprise. The girl was born weighing almost 6 kilograms !!!! The little one was called Rami.

Emma and Daniel Millar from the Australian city of Sydney were preparing to become parents not for the first time. Even at 35 weeks of pregnancy, they knew that the girl would be fat, since the ultrasound already showed a weight of 4 kilograms. But the fact that the little one will be so big they could not even imagine.

Emma Millar has gestational diabetes, so doctors immediately warned the woman that the little one would be larger than normal little ones. The couple’s eldest daughter, born several years earlier, was also a fat child. Her weight at the time of birth was 5.5 kilograms.

But as Rami was born two weeks early, her weight of 6 kilos came as a real shock to her parents.

Due to his extraordinary weight, Rami has become a real star in the hospital. It’s not often that you come across a little preemie weighing 6 kilograms, and also perfectly healthy.Let’s wish the little baby health and luck in future.

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