A schoolboy was asked to write an essay about an idol, and his choice surprised everyone: Look what was the reaction of teacher

Bailey Walker, an 11-year-old resident of London, UK, was given an assignment at school to write an essay about his idol. Most of the boy’s classmates talked about football stars and other celebrities, but Bailey himself preferred his grandmother, Diana Fitzgerald, to all sorts of celebrities.

One of the reasons for this choice was the work of an elderly woman. Diana has been a caregiver at an aged care agency for two years now and she does an amazing job. The Metro publication quotes the words of the manager of her company:

We get rave reviews from every client she works with. She is an absolute star and has the biggest heart of anyone I have known. I think just like her grandson – she’s a hero. Diana is just a wonderful woman.

Bailey himself in the essay wrote what exactly the granny does and why he is so admired.

My grandmother helps the elderly. She helps them change clothes, shower, eat. My grandmother is a hero because she puts helping others first.

Grandmother’s work is not the only reason why the grandson considers her his idol. The second reason to see a hero in her is gastronomic because she cooks amazing desserts.

She bakes beautiful cakes for me and my brother Cayden. I would like to become a baker, open my own pastry shop and make desserts according to grandma’s recipes. Sometimes I help her with cakes.

Bailey summed up his story about his grandmother. She is the star of my world. She means a lot to me,” he wrote.

After reading the essay, the teacher wrote a note to the boy at the bottom of the page.

I hope you showed your granny your homework. It turned out that Diana really read the composition of her grandson, and it made a strong impression on the woman.

To be honest, it makes me want to cry. I was shocked and it almost made me cry, but I’m proud of him. When I asked him why he chose me and not mom or Dad, he said it was because I help the elderly.

The unusual choice of an idol even made Diana and Bailey famous, two publications wrote about the student’s essay at once – Metro and Daily Mail. And netizens, after reading a story about a boy and his grandmother, imbued the child with respect and love.

Even the administration of the family and parenting community account is impressed. An 11-year-old boy was asked who his hero was, and he chose his grandmother. Bailey is lucky to have a granny because every day he can learn kindness from his idol.

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