A six-year-old fisherman solved a crime that remained a mystery for 8 years. He just threw the rod in the right place

A little Texas man wanted to find treasure while fishing and his dream came true. He accidentally discovered a safe with jewelry at the bottom of the river and, without knowing it, helped the police deal with an eight-year-old open robbery.

Since the beginning of quarantine, schools have been closed in many countries, which is why children have a lot of free time that they can distribute between studies and new hobbies. Six-year-old Knox Brewer from the USA at this time decided to master a new occupation – magnetic fishing.

The boy, along with his parents, went to the local river and explored the bottom of the reservoir with the help of powerful magnets, according to ABC News 4. According to the student, he likes the fishing process itself, and he was not upset if he could not find something valuable or big.

However, deep down, like all children, Knox hoped to find the treasure.

Knox’s parents, Jonathan and Katerina Brewer, were only too happy about their son’s new hobby. They believed that this was a useful experience for the child, which could teach him a lot. And they were not wrong.

In mid-May, the family went fishing again to Whitney Lake, and this time the boy’s catch was strikingly different from the previous ones. Knox noticed something large at the bottom of the river and, with the help of a stranger who happened to be nearby, was able to get the object to the surface.

It turned out to be a metal safe, in which, after opening, jewelry, credit cards and a checkbook were found. The discovery delighted the student and his parents, but they hurried to report the items found to the police, and not take everything for themselves.

We opened the safe. I knew that we should call the local authorities, get them involved and try to solve this mystery, – said Knox’s father. “It was also a great opportunity to show Knox what we should do when something like this happens.

After the safe was inspected by the arriving police, it became clear that the item belonged to a neighbor of the Brewer family, whose name remained unknown. According to her, the safe was stolen from her eight years ago, and, apparently, the cops have not been able to find it in all this time.

There are a few charms left over from the stolen bracelets,” Mrs. Brewer explained. “She said that all the expensive things were gone, but at least she finally knew the fate of her things and got some of them back.

For Knox himself, the experience was unforgettable for many reasons. He’s learned a lesson about not taking what belongs to him, and he’s also seen how the cops work, which he wants to join when he’s an adult. In addition, the boy received gratitude from the woman and just positive emotions.

He himself wants to be a police officer one day, and so he had a lot of fun watching the cops investigate the case, ask questions, and “contact the source.”

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