A snow woman who is never cold. At 60 she looks only 30

Galina was nicknamed “The Snow Maiden” due to her unusual features. A woman does not seem to be cold at all: Galina can walk in the cold in summer shorts, calmly walking in open sandals through snowdrifts. At 60, Galina looks like a maximum of 25-30.

It seems that a woman simply has iron health since she is capable of such a thing. However, this was not always the case. Until about 30 years old, Galina literally did not come out of doctors’ surgeries, she constantly had various health problems.

It was worth curing one thing because another “wound” immediately came out and everything started again.

When, after another examination, Galina was diagnosed with bowel cancer, the woman decided to try non-traditional methods of treatment. Galina began with a simple hardening, the next stage was winter swimming, and gradually the woman came to her current state.By the way, a re-examination a year later did not confirm the diagnosis.

When it became known about the existence of Galina, experts were very skeptical about the abilities of a woman.
Some disapproved of these extreme methods. Others believed that the energy resources of the body would be sufficient for a few years at most.

Yet, contrary to all predictions, Galina has continued to be a real phenomenon for 15 years. At the same time, “The Snow Maiden” just feels excellent and won’t even get old.

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