A touching reunion occurred between a cat that went missing six years ago and its owner and brother, who immediately recognized her.

John always dreamed of having many pets, with a special fondness for cats. It was for this reason that, upon seeing Jack and Julie, a brother and sister, he couldn’t resist and took both of them in to live with him. Both were black, but the sister had a small white spot on her belly. After a while, John went off to college, and the responsibility for the pets shifted to the young man’s mother.

However, John had difficulty bonding with Julie; the cat was spirited and constantly tried to escape. One day, she succeeded. Meanwhile, John fell seriously ill, and he was too preoccupied with his health to think about cats. Nevertheless, he overcame the illness and went on to create his own family within six years.

Despite moving on, John never forgot his beloved cat and deeply regretted her sudden disappearance. His mother regularly checked online for found pets. One day, she came across a post from a woman saying that a black cat had settled near her house.

John’s mother decided to tell her son about it, and he looked at the cat with a glimmer of hope still alive in him. He went to the address, and the woman showed him where the cat usually hung around. John called out to her, initially with no response. However, when he whispered her name in the usual elongated manner, two sparkling eyes appeared from the hiding place.

She ran towards John, started to purr, and rubbed against his legs. The white spot on her belly was in its place, leaving no room for doubt. Most touching of all, the brother immediately recognized his lost sister, and after years, they were together again.

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