A touching wedding moment: the words of the mother-in-law moved the boy

Two young soldiers wanted to get married and were able to take a short leave to do so. They would have to go into service right after the wedding, they wouldn’t even go anywhere.

This is why the young couple decided to make the wedding lavish and special. The bride has prepared a touching surprise for the son from her fiancé’s first marriage.

After the usual celebration and ring exchange, the young woman asked for a microphone and addressed the 4-year-old toddler. She was now his stepmother and wanted to have a special relationship with the boy.

“I wish that you are always happy and healthy. Please do everything you can to grow and be the best man you can be. You are amazing. Thanks to you, I have changed and become the person I am today. Thanks. Of course, I did not give you life, but life gave me you.

It was so touching. The little one cried and rushed over to hug his mother-in-law. All the guests had tears in their eyes. She did such a good thing for taking in a boy who was growing up without a mother.

We hope they will be happy for many years to come!

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