A woman lost 63.5 kg after running 2900 km without even leaving her own home: How she did was a real shock

42-year-old Englishwoman Kriste Kromptom is the mother of not one, not two, but as many as five children. She had a whopping 5 chances of getting postpartum depression, and she got it. It was during the period of postpartum depression that she ate the bulk of her extra pounds. Since she couldn’t afford to go to the gym, she decided to rent a treadmill for £65. per month, which was posted at home. Kriste became seriously interested in running and after running a total of 2900 km she managed to lose 63.5 kg.

This is how Kriste looked before when she weighed 133.5 kg. The woman had not been particularly slim before, but after the birth of her fifth child, she was covered with a wave of postpartum depression. While her husband was taking care of the children, she ate her stress as best she could. Bags of chips, bottles of white wine, pots of food and a sedentary lifestyle have almost doubled Kriste’s size.

One day, she was sitting at home as always, when one of her parents came to her house with a story that there had been a quarrel between their children. During the tirade, the woman was called a fat cow, and this not only offended her, but also pushed her to lose weight.

With five children, Kriste couldn’t afford to go to the gym and was embarrassed to run outside, so she decided to rent a treadmill for £65 a month, which she placed right in her home.

In 5 months, Kriste managed to lose 25 kg, she gained self-confidence and began to run outside her home. Kriste takes part in one of her first marathons.

This is how Kriste began to look after getting rid of 63.5 kg and overcoming 2900 km.
In a year, a woman ran a distance equal to 2900 km, it’s as if she ran from Rome to Scotland.

Now she continues to keep her shape and runs 55-60 km a week.

Running not only helped her shed those extra pounds, but also gave her self-confidence and lifted her spirits. Also, running made her a completely different person, she changed so much that her friends stopped recognizing her on the street. Kriste after the Mad Dog 10 km marathon.

Now Kriste weighs 70 kg, she is fresh, active, and feels as young as ever.

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