A woman of 40 years was looking for parents and was speechless when she found. All this time they have been growing her exact copy

Denise McCarthy, who grew up in the American city of Springfield, had a difficult fate. The woman was born in South Korea, where at the age of two she had to endure a serious shock. In June 1976, the parents took their daughter with them to the supermarket and returned home without her. The girl was kidnapped, writes Metro.

Unfortunately, this was not the case when a father mistakenly confuses his child with someone else’s. The kidnappers really took Denise away and handed her over to an orphanage. Journalists do not specify whether it was the sale of a child, common in Asian countries in the 20th century, but soon the girl was adopted by an American family.

So Denise moved from South Korea to Springfield. At the boarding school, McCarthy’s new parents were told that the family had abandoned the girl in the hospital because of her illness. An American mom and dad decided not to tell their adopted daughter about her biological mother and father, but being Korean, she understood everything herself.

Already at a conscious age, the woman decided to break the deadlock and take a DNA test to find out who really was her biological family. In 2016, when Denise was 42 years old, she passed the test and began to wait for the results.

The process was not quick, for four years the woman did not receive news from the company, but in 2020 Denise received a call and was told that specialists had found her family, who had been living in South Korea all this time.

Due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the woman was unable to personally fly to relatives, but decided to call Zoom.

My heart was beating at a hundred kilometers an hour. I didn’t believe what was happening. What happened helped me feel like myself,” Denise explained.

An online conversation with her family brought the woman even more than she expected. In the 44 years that Denise spent away from her biological parents, they managed to grow her exact copy.

No mysticism – it turned out that all this time Denise, whose real name is Sang-E, had a twin sister named Sang-Hee, the existence of which the woman did not even suspect.

McCarthy’s surprise was almost as strong as that of the owner of the cat, who learned from a note on the cat’s neck that the pet was a real debtor.

The second girl was also kidnapped from the supermarket in that fateful summer of 1976, but, unlike Denise, the police managed to find her and return her to her family.

Now I have a huge family that loves me and that I love, says McCarthy. “This is even more than what I expected. It’s incredible.

The only thing that still upsets Denise is that all this time her biological mother was very worried about her loss and undermined her health. On nervous grounds, the woman’s immunity has deteriorated greatly.

They never stopped looking for me or left the village where I had spent the first two years of my life before, in the hope that I would return to them. I’m so sorry they had to go through so much, but I’m very grateful to everyone who took care of me.

Denise is now planning to travel to South Korea to meet her family in person.

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