A woman will have a child from her dead husband. And this is not a miracle, but the result of a court decision

Australian Sebastian Moylan met his love – a girl named Jermaima – back in his school years. They were 17 years old, but even then the guy began to dream of a real family.
In 2015, when Sebastian and Jermaine turned 23, the couple got married.

The Moylan family was in no hurry to have children: they decided that they would wait another five years with this after the wedding. Therefore, in 2019, Jermaima just started visiting doctors to make sure she was ready for pregnancy and childbirth.

But on Wednesday, August 14, the tragedy crossed out these plans forever – at least, so it seemed to friends and relatives of the Moilans. On this day, Sebastian committed suicide.

Jermaima’s twin brother and friend of the groom, Drew, said that this suicide was a real surprise for everyone.

Their love and connection were what everyone dreams of for themselves and their soul mate. Yes, he had daily stress at work, he was worried about money and household chores. But does it happen to everyone? I was in complete shock when I found out what had happened.

Germaima knew Sebastian was in trouble. But she did not expect him to make a fatal decision.

We discussed mental health almost every day because I suffer from anxiety. It was something I like to talk about and he always kept the conversation going. But he never showed that he got this far. He never got over his father’s death 18 months ago. Everyone is worried about work, money and life, but what he did is this last step, so he kept more in himself than we could think.

Upon learning that her husband is no more, Jermaima did not behave at all as one might expect. Shortly after Sebastian’s death, she went to court.

The fact is that, despite all the bitterness of loss, the woman did not want to give up the thought of having a child. And she learned from the medical examiners that her and Sebastian’s dreams could still come true. In 2016, another Australian resident, Isla Cresswell, with the help of lawyers, was able to obtain permission to use the seed of her deceased boyfriend. It was the only successful case of its kind in the last seven years.

Such an operation is possible only within 24 hours after death, so time was running out. Germaima immediately contacted those same lawyers. She spent the night of her husband’s death in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, hoping to get permission to use his genetic material.

The fact is that in Australia, the removal of germ cells falls under the Human Tissue Act. To remove them, you need the consent of the deceased, and if not, it is extremely difficult to obtain court permission. The only chance is to prove that the person really had a pronounced desire to have children in the future.

Lawyers worked late into the night and secured permission for Germaima to remove and store Sebastian’s sperm. On August 15, a doctor from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital performed an operation to remove the material.

Jermaima has 10 years to seize the opportunity to have a son or daughter with her late husband. But while she is collecting money: the fact is that now the woman needs to get a new permit – all ready for use, not storage.

Jermaima herself is sure that she made the right decision.

It will help me come to terms with the loss and bring hope for a family with the only man I really wanted to have it with. He would be the most incredible father and his future daughter or son will definitely know how amazing he is and will grow up as if he was with us.

Although the woman knows that being a single mother is not easy, she believes that she is obliged to start a family and fulfill her dream with Sebastian

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