A young American decided to lose weight when her son began to mock her. Losing 72 kg, she became a beauty and deserved praise

In 2013, at the age of 29, a young American woman decided to turn her life around when her three-year-old son regularly called her fat.

But let’s start in order. Shona began to gain weight at the age of 20, when she became pregnant for the first time. During pregnancy, she recovered by 25 kg and began to weigh 98 kilos.

She admits that at that time she did not take care of herself, ate a lot of fast food and drank soda. She scored on proper nutrition, often cooked semi-finished products at home and what was more tasty than healthy.

After 4 years, Shona became pregnant a second time and gave birth to a second wonderful son. Of course, she still indulged her whims and ate whatever her soul desired.

The third child was born a year and a half later – in the summer of 2009, even then Shona weighed almost 135 kilograms.

The middle son pushed her to decisive measures. At the age of 3, he began to tease his mother “fat” and this repeated several times.

At first she was offended, cried and tried to explain to her son that it was uncivilized to speak like that. But then I realized that the child simply does not know how to dissemble and immediately says what he thinks.

You should not be offended by him, it is better to take care of yourself, besides, excess weight has already begun to bring her health problems. Yes, and you can’t call yourself attractive at such a weight.

And she began to act decisively. At the age of 13, she underwent surgery to reduce the size of her stomach, which already helped her lose 25 kg, but it was still necessary to establish nutrition and exercise.

To train as efficiently and safely as possible at this weight, she took the advice of a personal trainer. I trained little, but effectively, gradually increasing the complexity and time of training.

She changed her diet. I added more vegetables, nuts to it, removed harmful foods. I tried several different types of diets and at the beginning of this year I settled on a keto diet.

For my part, I will say that keto diets are very popular in the West, but the scientific community does not have an unambiguous opinion about them. Some studies even show their harm. Here it is necessary without fanaticism.

It was from the keto diet that the name of her Instagram account came from, where she shared her successes. Judging by the latest publications, she left a purely keto diet and simply began to count nutrients in her diet. And he does it right.

She managed to lose weight, she became a real beauty! I can only envy her endurance and willpower. Now she weighs 65 kg, blogs about healthy eating and training, conducts personal consultations, earns decent money from it. No one else in the family mocks her and calls her fat.

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