A young mother out of principle does not give gifts to her 2-year-old son and is proud of it

Who would have thought that there are mothers and fathers in the world who do not give gifts to their child, even for their birthday, New Year and Christmas. Even a bauble! And not because they don’t have the money for it, but purely out of principle. Meet 31-year-old Lisa Norman from Leyland, Lancashire, England. She never gave her son Neil a single gift.

Baby Neil was born in November 2016, a full 10 weeks premature. Doctors immediately warned Lisa that the baby’s chances were very slim. But, despite the disappointing prognosis, the baby survived and turned into a healthy, well-fed toddler. It would seem that after so many experiences, a mother should treat her baby in a special way and pamper him in every possible way. But Lisa and her husband are of a completely different opinion.

“I don’t understand why parents literally overwhelm their children with gifts. Moreover, they often spend much more money on them than their family budget allows. My husband and I believe that children’s gifts are a waste of money. Instead, we opened a deposit account and put all the savings into it. I hope that when Neil grows up, this money will be enough for him to buy a house for himself, ”says Lisa.

According to the woman, she and her husband went to the current material well-being for quite a long time. Therefore, she knows the value of every pound and is not going to waste money on trifles. Lisa Norman wrote about her principled position on social networks and posted a photo of Neil. In most of the pictures, the baby is sitting among the toys. Therefore, many readers were interested, where did all these cubes and pyramids come from?

“Don’t think that my son has no toys at all. After all, in addition to his parents, he also has grandparents. So they bring Neil toys, books and other gifts. And he has almost everything that other children have, ”the young mother replies.

Lisa promises that when Neil goes to school, she will buy him everything he needs. In the meantime, she sees no point in throwing away money for toys that the baby will immediately break.

“I know that many condemn me, but I am not going to deviate from my principles. On the contrary, I believe that other parents who want to ensure the future of their children should take an example from us, ”says Lisa.

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