After great efforts, the man lost weight and see what he discovered in his body afterwards

A resident of England decided to lose weight but had no idea it would save his life.

I then thought, “Oh, my face has gotten thinner! That’s when I saw the bump on my neck, but it didn’t even hurt.





Billy’s wife insisted that her husband goes to the doctor. After the examination, the doctor sent the man for a biopsy, which showed he had tonsil cancer.

Moreover, the tumor began to grow a long time ago and was already in the fourth stage, but Muirhead didn’t even know it – it didn’t affect his well-being and in the mirror, the bump was not visible because of the fat layer.

“The biopsy showed that I had stage 4 cancer. I was very lucky that the metastases did not reach the organs. »

So, the man had to undergo intensive treatment at the oncology center and luckily it gave its result.

The disease receded and Billy, 57, celebrated the first anniversary of his victory over cancer.

Muirhead himself is convinced that the weight loss saved his life.

“Now I have become more active, I go out of the house more often. I love spending time with my family and my grandchildren. » So losing weight saved him from cancer and at the same time he became healthy.

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