After her son’s question, Anya decided to dig into her husband’s phone. And from what she saw there, she nearly sank through the ground from shock.

Anna calmly went to bed because Leo warned her that he would come home late tonight. They and their colleagues at the office decided to relax and have a good time this Friday, as the week had been stressful.
In the morning, Leo was fast asleep, and Anna decided to go to the zoo with her son because the weather outside was very pleasant. But when she entered her son’s room, the child immediately asked, “Mom, do people only flip in bed? I thought it only happens in the gym…” Anna didn’t understand what her 5-year-old son was talking about at first, but then the child explained: “Just yesterday, Dad was talking on the phone with someone. He said, ‘We had a good time in bed; the neighbors should envy us.'”

Anna couldn’t believe what she heard: could Leo be cheating? Or maybe her son misunderstood something, but the child couldn’t have made it up on his own. Then it began to dawn on Anna, as there were subtle hints, but she chose to ignore them. Leo started staying at work late, a significant portion of his money went somewhere, he ate less at home, and he locked his phone with his fingerprint. While her husband was sound asleep, Anna took his phone, unlocked it with his fingerprint, and locked herself in the bathroom. There, she found a strange contact named .” Opening the messages, she discovered it was her, his lover. Reading the topics Leo discussed with this woman, Anna’s hair stood on end, and her cheeks turned red from  lunch, Leo woke up. He immediately reached for his phone, then told his wife that he would be delayed at work next week due to inspections and reports. “And what about  ?” Anna asked.

“So, you know everything… I mean, did you go through my phone? Do you realize married couples shouldn’t do things like that? Where’s the trust in our relationship?” Leo replied. “Don’t turn the tables now. You’re chewing on me about betrayal, and you’re talking about trust. While the divorce process was underway,

Anna spent the nights with her son in the child’s room. Then she disappeared from Leo’s life forever. As for the so-called ,” she moved in with Leo but didn’t stay for long. She was only good as a lover, not a wife. So, Leo remained all alone.

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