After leaving the child alone for a long time, when the mother woke up to see the unexpected

I feel so sorry for my older sister. We all thought she had married well: her husband was an entrepreneur, earned a good income, had his own car, and a flat. She was also earning well, and they had a joint budget. However, things changed after the birth of their child. My sister went on maternity leave, and her husband refused to pay for her loans. He wouldn’t even give her money for basic things like cosmetics or underwear. He was even frugal when it came to their own child. My sister and our mother had to make do with rags and an old stroller borrowed from a friend. My sister used up all her savings to pay off her loans, and often I and our mother had to help her.

I honestly don’t understand where all the money her husband earned went. He claimed his salary had been cut, saying he only earned a few thousand. Six months passed this way. My sister grew tired of this hardship and finally decided to return to work, even though their child wasn’t even a year old. Our mother moved in with them to take care of the grandchild while my sister worked. One day, she decided to cook dinner, which involved using meat from the freezer. While digging around, she found a bag of money in there.

It turns out that her husband had been secretly saving money from her for years, for an unknown reason, but the sum was quite substantial. As soon as my sister found out, she took all the money her husband had stashed away and used it to pay off their debts.
Her husband was furious, and they didn’t speak for a month, but he never explained why he had saved that money.
After all of this, I don’t think their marriage will last long, and my sister doesn’t want to live with such a person anymore. Right now, she’s saving money on her own, who knows what the future holds.

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