After long attempts the wife gave birth to twins and the husband filed for divorce

The Chinese couple had been married for quite a long time, and the couple dreamed of a baby. They have not lost hope of being able to kiss their little one. After countless attempts, and long treatment, the couple discovered that they would become parents of twins. Their happiness knew no bounds.

The husband carefully prepared for the birth of his sons: he prepared a nursery and bought a lot of things and toys. Nothing foreshadowed trouble. The kids were born healthy and very strong. It’s time to issue a birth certificate. According to Chinese law, the father must undergo a DNA test, it is a pure formality.

However, as a result, it turned out that the man is the father of only one kid and the other of another man. Doctors noted that such a phenomenon is rare, however, it is possible for a woman to become pregnant with twins from different men. Of course, the husband made a big scandal to his wife.

He demanded an explanation. The wife decided to hide the fact of infidelity, arguing that her husband does not want to take responsibility for the little ones. However, she quickly admitted that she had a relationship with another man.

The husband filed for divorce and took his son. He does not abandon his kid, but will not raise someone else’s. The second child is cared for by the mother.

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