After my wife mumbled in her sleep that she was cheating on me, I immediately decided to take a paternity test with our son. When I read the results, a cold shiver ran down my spine.

My wife was supposed to be discharged from the hospital an hour ago, but she still wasn’t out. Today was the long-awaited day of her discharge when I would finally be able to take home with our child.

I was overjoyed because our child was very much wanted and long-awaited. We had been trying to have a child for almost a year, and it wasn’t working out until this miracle happened.
gave birth to a beautiful girl.

I started dialing my wife’s number, but she wasn’t answering. So, I got up and went to her room. As I approached the ward, I heard loud voices. I immediately recognized my wife’s voice and quickened my pace. There, was arguing vehemently with the nurse.

“Do you understand that I’m not stupid?!” my wife shouted. “I can’t recognize my own child, is that what you think? This is definitely not my child. Call the head doctor!”

Seeing me, explained that our child had been born without hair and with a different face, but they had mistakenly taken her and brought another child instead.

I couldn’t understand how such a mix-up could have happened in the first place. Soon, the head doctor came, who had been overseeing the deliveries. After examining the child, it became clear that it was indeed a boy. Apologies were made to my wife, and it turned out that the nurse had mixed up the boy, who was supposed to go to the orphanage, with our daughter.

My wife and I inadvertently started thinking about the boy whose mother had rejected him. After discussing the situation, we decided to bring the child home. So, my wife gave birth to one child, but we ended up going home with two.

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