“After the divorce, my mom helped me with everything, but when she found out about Jack, that’s when the real nightmare began.”

Masha filed for divorce four years ago. Besides her daughter in her arms, she was left with a pile of debts. She couldn’t find work. Soon, she managed to win a portion of her husband’s property through legal proceedings and filed for alimony. With the money received, she bought a small one-bedroom apartment and enrolled her daughter in daycare.

Throughout these difficult years, there was only one person by her side – her mother. She was ready to help with anything that was needed. You could say that she completely took the responsibility for raising her granddaughter upon herself.

“I even had colleagues who were envious,” Masha said. “One of them outright told me that the child had become a burden for her because her mother and mother-in-law refused to take care of their grandchild, even for one evening.” Masha was very grateful to her mother but never abused her assistance. A couple of months ago, Masha met. He got a job in their office, was caring, polite, and very interesting. One day, Masha told her mother about, and that’s when the trouble started.

“Have you lost your mind?” her mother exclaimed. “Wasn’t one idiot enough for you? Why do you need this? Live peacefully! Focus on your daughter! She doesn’t see you 24/7 anyway.” Her mother didn’t even know Anton yet. Masha hadn’t had the chance to introduce them.

Her mother was operating under the assumption that nobody would willingly take on a divorced woman with a child as a spouse. “Mom, aren’t you ashamed?” Masha asked. “No. Does he have his own apartment? No? Well, there you go! He just needs somewhere to live.” Masha tried to explain that was renting a nice apartment near his workplace and didn’t consider buying his own property necessary at the moment.

“You should have introduced him to your daughter. Then you would have found out if he really cares or not. Who is right in this story? Whose position do you find closer to yours? What advice would you give Maria in this situation?”

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