After the divorce, the son stayed with his father.This is another story that will make you cry

Olya was an athlete, strong and intelligent, often winning various competitions. Our school was proud of her, and she excelled in other subjects as well. Sometimes early success turns a person into a lazy fool, but Olya remained unaffected. She even started her own business.

Then she fell in love, got married, and had a child. From the outside, everything looked fabulous. Olya bought an apartment and eventually a country house. But after 27 years, she literally became a different person.

I’ve heard that a person cannot suddenly change. I regularly communicated with Olga until this birthday. There was no reason for what happened to her. Olya suddenly lost all interest in life.m

At first, everyone thought it would pass. After all, it’s impossible to be an excellent student all your life and in everything. However, for over ten years, Olya couldn’t return to her old life. The business no longer generates income, savings are running out. Olya moved to the capital, rented a bed for herself, and took an ordinary managerial job.

After her divorce, her son stayed with his father. Surprisingly, the man behaves decently and doesn’t turn the child against his mother. He doesn’t even ask for child support. The boy loves his mother, and they talk on the phone occasionally. Olya loves her son too but doesn’t want him to remember her as she is now.

Recently, Olga started drinking, changing jobs frequently, claiming periodically that this regular job is the ultimate limit for her.

Mom doesn’t want to communicate with her so that Olya doesn’t come home. After all, here, she is successful, beautiful, happy, and rich in everyone’s eyes. Of course, the mother loves her daughter and tries to help her son-in-law raise her grandson. They are willing to help, but now it comes with endless lectures on morals. I don’t know what caused the divorce, but now she categorically refuses to communicate with her ex-husband.

A few years ago, Olya said she wanted to gather her strength and buy a luxurious apartment in the capital, so everyone would envy her. Those words remained just words. Now she doesn’t even talk about it. She admits feeling empty and tired inside.

I think each of us has envied someone else’s success at least once in our lives. How did that person succeed so quickly? They are a real winner!

For any normal person, someone else’s success might evoke envy. From the outside, we only see the front part of what’s happening. But there’s also a downside. For a person who succeeds, the constant messages from parents, teachers, and others about the need to be better in everything and always come first become the dark side. Yes, hard work has nothing to do with it; it can only serve as a foundation.

Unfortunately, this message brings nothing good. It is propagated by people who couldn’t realize themselves and strive to do so through their children. Sometimes this message can lead to the desired victory. However, more often than not, it causes problems and disturbances

. If a person doesn’t have the opportunity to relax occasionally and not be the best, they will hide from others, refuse help, and lose the level they have been seeking for so long. It’s just that an ordinary, average life doesn’t suit them.

You can solve this problem. The first step is to find the problem. Look at yourself through a stranger’s eyes. Such a person should not be so obsessed with superiority.

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