“After the girl’s words, Jane didn’t even blink and drove her away. But soon something happened that made the woman completely lose her peace.”

Jane had everything one could dream of. Her son had excelled in university, landed a well-paying job, and quickly climbed the ranks to a managerial position, becoming quite wealthy. Among the first things he did was buy his mother a large apartment and renovate it with a modern touch.
Every month, received money from her son, and she didn’t have to worry about anything. However, there was one thing missing from her life – her son had no intention of getting married. He had many relationships, but none of them were serious, and he had no dreams of starting a family.

One evening, there was a knock on door. She opened it to find a young woman, her belly covered with a shawl.

“Your son passed through our village, and he deceived me,” the woman said. “I’m pregnant with his child, but he refuses to acknowledge it.”

Elena, skeptical, closed the door in the woman’s face, although she managed to slip a piece of paper through with her address on it. dismissed it and went back to sleep. However, she began having dreams of a little child, and they would wake her up in the middle of the night. Eventually, curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to visit the woman who claimed to be carrying her grandchild. Perhaps there was some truth to her story.

traveled to the woman’s village, a place filled with poverty and despair. She found the same run-down cottage from her dreams, smelling of dampness with a dirt floor. Inside, a little girl with golden hair sat on the stove. Elena introduced herself, and the young woman, named, confirmed everything – her son was the father. had been struggling to feed herself and her daughter by looking after cows.

Elena couldn’t leave them in such conditions. She brought and her granddaughter back to the city. She tripled workload at the Culture House where she worked. When her son learned about the situation, he was initially upset but began visiting his mother not only to see her but also to spend time with his daughter and Nastya.

In time, he realized that was a wonderful woman, and he deeply cared for his daughter. He decided to propose to. Now, they all live together as one big family.

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